Precision Metal Stamping

precision metal stamping

In 2016, Advanex Americas acquired Electronic Stamping Corporation. Advanex Americas now specializes in tight-tolerance and high precision metal stamping services. Metal stamping is composed of a large diversity of parts that are formed or blanked from flat stock spring steel material. Metal stamping components perform similar functions as conventional wire form springs by storing potential energy and releasing kinetic energy. These parts and components can be used in a variety of industries including acting as a support for components of an assembly, acting as electrical connectors or being used as hinges, braces, fasteners and an endless number of other applications. We can manufacture stampings that require press tonnage of up to 110 tons.

Metal Stamp Pressing Capabilities:

  • Progressive stamping
  • 4-slide stamping
  • Multi-slide stamping
  • Manual stamping

Our metal stamping is custom designed and made with special tooling. We also provide value-added services including tape-and-reel packaging, reel-to-reel packaging and complete sub-assemblies. These services allow us to deliver parts that are ready to be used in automated assembly lines in the as-delivered condition. Contact us today for your custom metal stamping needs.

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