Custom Spring FAQ

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1. Can you provide a certificate of conformance with each shipment?
Yes – we understand that many of our customers require these certificates and supply them at no additional charge.
2. Can you do level 3 PPAP’s?
Yes – since we are TS16949 certified we are fully capable of doing all levels of PPAP’s required by our vast customer base.
3. Can you provide engineering support?
Yes – this is a very strong area for helping our customers achieve their goals. Utilizing our cad configurator and strong personal engineering support is one of the ways we have delighted many of our customers.
4. Can you ship overseas?
Yes – we can ship anywhere in the world and with our global alliances we can easily navigate getting your product where it needs to be.
5. Are your designing, prototyping, and manufacturing done in USA?
Yes – we have strong engineering and prototyping capabilities that can be done in USA and Mexico.
6. How fast you can manufacture samples?
It depends on the sample’s complexity, materials’ and machine’s availability, but it is usually done within the same day or within few days of placing the request.
7. Where are your manufacturing plants located?
Advanex Americas, Inc. is located in Cypress, California, USA and we have the Cypress plant as well as Nogales, Mexico and soon to be Queretaro, Mexico. We are part of the Advanex Group and our parent company has 17 spring manufacturing plants around the world which we all share access to as global partners.
8. How big is your California facility?
It is about 60,000 square feet, 100+ employees, and about 185 spring manufacturing machines.
9. Can you manufacture springs made out of titanium or nitinol?
Yes – we can work with almost any type of steel or wire.
10. Can you manufacture valve engine springs?
Yes – in fact automotive spring parts are a major portion of our business, though not necessarily the larger spring parts like valve springs.
11. Can you manufacture “micro springs”?
Yes – We can produce as small as .004 inch in our Cypress plant, and all the way to microscopic capabilities in one of our Japan plants.
12. Can you manufacture plastic springs?
Yes – We have limited plastics capability in our Cypress manufacturing plant, but we work closely with our plants in Japan to create plastic springs for many of our customers.
13. Are you ISO certified?
Yes – our Facilities are ISO 9001/AS9100, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949
14. Can I get a tour of your Cypress plant?
Yes – We would gladly welcome you to bring your team in to see the Advanex difference and the opportunity to “show off” our facility. Call us to schedule a tour.
15. Do you have any “Standard Springs” available?
We have a limited number of overrun springs that are available. Please provide the approximate specifications and we will provide you with available samples if available. We are not a catalog stock spring house.
16. I remember when Advanex Americas, Inc. used to be called KATO Spring of California. Why did you change to “ADVANEX” and what does it stand for?
We changed our company name from KATO to ADVANEX in July 2001 to unify all of our global facilities under one Brand name and the direction to more advanced custom manufacturing. The name is made up of the words “ADVANCED” and “NEXT” to show our commitment to develop ADVAnced manufacturing technologies for the NEXt generation of products.
17. Can you provide a certificate of conformance with each shipment?
Yes – being that we have the latest technology and traceability we can offer this service at no cost to our customers.
18. Do you have a catalog?
No – we are a custom precision manufacturer so we are not a stock spring house with a catalog.
19. Can you help me to design my specific spring?
Yes – we have engineering services available to help you design prototypes for your manufacturing needs.
20. Can you supply SPC with each shipment?
Yes – our state of the art system allows us to keep and track real time quality. We can offer this service at no charge to you upon request.
21. Can you store the parts you make for us and ship on an “As Needed” basis?
Yes – we gladly accept annual Purchase Orders and will do releases on an as-needed, scheduled basis. Typically we will manufacture your parts in large runs and ship on pre-specified dates.
22. When you say Advanced Manufacturing, what does this mean to me as your customer?
Advanex strives to implement the most advanced processes and machinery in order to efficiently produce parts with repeatable precision and compliance. Our efficient setup and programming, and state-of-the-art technologies enable us to lower labor costs, reduce errors, and eliminate wastage. We maintain the highest level of quality control while keeping our costs as low as possible, and we pass savings on to our customers.

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