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A Revolution in Spring Engineering

Combining our expertise in spring engineering and plastics, we've produced effective and lightweight Plastic Springs to meet our customers' changing needs in the 21st Century. We can produce springs in a variety of different materials, all with excellent memory, and protected against aging and thermal deformation through our unique form-stabilisation technology. Ideal for medical usage, environments where non-magnetised parts are vital, and a whole range of other uses, plastic springs push out the boundaries of spring engineering capabilities.

Advantages of Plastic

* Lightweight
* Rust-proof
* Non-magnetised
* Non-conductive
* Fully recyclable

Standardised Range

For our customers' convenience we have launched a standardised polycarbonate plastic compression spring range. The polycarbonate material does not degrade in a wide variety of chemical environments, is highly heat resistant, with no brittleness or poor memory performance. E-mail for the latest catalogue and prices!

Custom Spec

And for our customers with more complex needs, we produce plastic springs to custom spec in a range of different materials and sizes. Of course, the properties of metal and plastic are very different; simply transferring metal spring design to Plastic Springs won't work. But we don't expect our customers to worry about that. As part of our "Idea and Solution Design" concept, if a customer comes to us and tells us what they want the spring to do, we will design the part for them. Let us bring our Plastic Springs expertise to your application!

Plastic Springs
Plastic Springs
Plastic Springs
Plastic Springs



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